Our Reelection Campaign


Our Reelection Campaign

Coleman for ColoradoCreating Opportunities
For All Coloradans.

Senator Coleman believes in actions and outcomes over empty promises. He is a catalyst and collaborator who is committed to creating meaningful change, opportunity, and a better world for all Coloradans. Grounded in integrity and an unwavering passion for democracy to serve the people, the Senator has delivered on promises and navigated effectively through divisive issues to produce consensus-built results for Colorado communities.

He will continue bridging party lines to create legislation that makes our great state more affordable and for citizens to hold onto their hard-earned money. He is committed to paving the way for equitable access to opportunity so that all Coloradans have the chance to get ahead.

Opportunity Through Action

Senator Coleman brings consistent, proven leadership to meet current challenges and ensure where we’re going is brighter than where we’ve been. Doing what’s right for all Coloradans, the Senator has delivered on major commitments while responding effectively to a tough political climate and bipartisan politics that have held back voter-backed change.

Our Vision

Senator Coleman's campaign is driven by a vision of Colorado where every resident has access to the opportunities and resources needed to thrive.
Our guiding principles include:
Representative Partnership

Senator Coleman understands that his role is to be the voice of the people, and he takes this responsibility seriously. He is committed to listening to the concerns and needs of his constituents, ensuring that all voices are heard in the legislative process. The Senator believes that the best solutions come through working together with the community.

Pragmatic Problem Solving

In a time when our state faces complex challenges, we need leaders who can roll up their sleeves and find real, practical solutions. Senator Coleman has a proven track record of working across the aisle to address critical issues, from education and healthcare to job creation and affordable housing. {SB 23-067}

Bipartisan Collaboration

Senator Coleman firmly believes in the power of bipartisan collaboration to achieve meaningful change. He has a history of reaching across party lines to build consensus and pass legislation that benefits all Coloradans. He knows that progress can only be made when we put aside political divisions and work together.

Enforcing Action and Change through Strong Bills

Talk is cheap. Senator Coleman is known for crafting and supporting legislation that gets results. He understands that the laws we pass have a direct impact on people’s lives and is committed to pushing for legislation that creates a positive change in Colorado.

Creating Change and Opportunities for All Coloradans

From under-represented communities to business leaders, Senator Coleman is dedicated to ensuring that every Coloradan has the chance to succeed. He works tirelessly to create economic opportunities, improve education, and make our state a better place for all.

Moving Colorado Forward

With an unwavering commitment to making Colorado a better place for all its residents, Senator Coleman is a dedicated public servant who believes in actions and outcomes over empty promises. His track record speaks for itself, and he's ready to continue his work in representing and serving the people of Colorado.

Where We're Going

In the coming four years, Senator Coleman will continue to deliver on the issues pressing most on Coloradans’ minds (and wallets) through:

Enforcement Clauses

Writing stronger bills to hold politicians accountable to voters.

Speaking Out Against Mediocrity

Holding high standards to achieve excellence in government.


Creating opportunity and converting promises into action.

MODEL RELEASED. Two people sitting face to face, woman gesturing with hands, cropped.


Driving tough conversations and tough policy through pragmatic problem solving for effective change.

Outcomes. Opportunity. Unity.


Coleman for ColoradoBlack Excellence Award Ceremony

June 13, 2024
TBA - Denver Metro Area

Senator Coleman is excited to celebrate Black high school students in the Denver Metro Area with a weighted 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher during a special award ceremony.

About James

Colorado Senator - District 33

Senator Coleman is a hard-working community leader who has delivered better opportunities for our youth, delivered for-profit prison reform, and built bipartisan consensus to create equitable economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities since taking office in 2017.

Majored in Psychology / Business Admin

Chair of State, Veterans, and Military Affairs

Senate President Pro Tempore

Vice Chair of the Black Legislative Democratic Caucus

Majored in Psychology / Business Admin

Chair of State, Veterans, and Military Affairs

Senate President Pro Tempore

Vice Chair of the Black Legislative Democratic Caucus

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