Meet James Coleman

Senator Coleman is a hard-working community leader who has delivered better opportunities for our youth, delivered for-profit prison reform, and built bipartisan consensus to create equitable economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities since taking office in 2017.

As a businessman and community leader and activist, Senator Coleman has leveraged the skills he gained as a businessman writing grants for large nonprofits, coaching and team building, to know what it takes to build consensus and write legislation that produces results.

Senator Coleman started his political career in the Colorado House of Representatives where he served 4 years working toward higher-quality education for our youth. He made a name as one of the most effective members of the delegation thanks to his skill in working across the aisle to produce outcomes for Colorado like workforce development opportunities (SB22 – 140} and investments into affordable housing {HB23– 1304}.

He has continued that work as Colorado State Senator, writing legislation that made Juneteenth a state holiday, made large state grant investments in local affordable housing, allowed hard working Colorado business owners to retain sales tax that was burdening their income and the Colorado economy, created a senior housing income tax credit, created work opportunities for offenders to break the cycle and allow them an opportunity to contribute back to society, delivered on youth delinquency prevention and intervention grants, and much more.

Senator Coleman’s career in politics started as all dreams do: with a need. He was recruited by his community based on his ability to unite through division, give voice to under-represented communities, listen and take action through writing effective policy.  His collaborative nature, unwavering dedication to the Colorado community that raised him, passion for representative democracy, and solution-oriented problem solving to drive impactful change are just a few of the reasons he was pushed to run for election. His community needed him, and he stepped up to the call. He has been honored to serve and continues to lead from the purpose, integrity, and need that first drove him.

Focused on bringing down the high cost of living in our state and creating opportunity for all Coloradans to succeed, together, we can ensure meaningful (economic, educational, and systemic) change for all while preserving the many voices and history that make our great state unique and unite Us.

How He's Different

Action and Outcomes

Senator Coleman genuinely wants to ensure the improvement of quality of life for all Coloradans and has the track record to prove he’s just getting started.

Legislative Results Over Lip Service

Learning from experience, Senator Coleman is committed to delivering legislative results by writing contingency clauses into bill language, enforcing the bills you vote for and ensuring they’re put into action by tying politicians’ words to funding.

Partnership Over Party Lines

The Senator starts by listening to understand, building consensus through collaborative communication in order to produce change that directly impacts Coloradans’ affordability, safety, education, and future opportunity.

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